Service Charges

The Board of Directors of the Bank has resolved to revise the loan processing charges and the various service charges vide DBR No.11 dated 02.04.2008 with effect from 07.04.2008. Service Tax and postage charges if any will be collected extra to all service charges). The revised charges are as follows:

D.D. upto Rs.10000/- : Rs.30/-
D.D. for Rs.10000 and above : 0.3%
(minimum Rs.50/-)

Cancellation/ Revalidation/and Issue of duplicate Demand Draft : Rs.50/-

Upto Rs.1000 : Rs.25/-
Rs.1001 to Rs.5000 : Rs.35/-
Rs.5001 to 9999 : Rs.40/-
Rs.10000 to 20000 : 0.4%
Above Rs.20000 : 0.5%

Local cheques (Clearing) : Rs.50/-
Local other than clearing (Counter presentation): Rs.50/- Outstation cheques: 50% of the Collection Charge

Without Cheque Book :
Savings Account : Rs.250/-
Current Account : Rs.1000/-
No Frills Account : 0.00 Balance

With Cheque Book
Savings Account : Rs.500/-
Current Account : Rs.2000/-

Savings A/c : Rs. 50/- (per half year)
Current A/c : Rs.200/- (per half year)
(This penalty should be levied from those accounts having outstanding balance less than the required minimum balance once in a half year)

No transaction for 6 Months
Savings A/c : Rs. 25/- (per half year)
Current A/c : Rs. 50/- (per half year)

Savings A/c : Rs. 50/- (per half year)
Current A/c : Rs.100/- (per half year)

Before completion of 3 Months : Rs.25
Defaulted but closed on or after due date : Rs.30
Premature Closure of defaulted accounts : Rs.30
Overdue interest on defaulted instalments of recurring deposits : 15% (of instalment amount)